When the Cookie Crumbles… It Gets Messy!

By Olivia (Everyone calls me Livie) Greyson, from the Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery series by Virginia Lowell.

This essay first appeared on Killer Characters.

Mind if I vent a bit? I'll admit I have a terrific life, for which I thank my author, really I do. But she sometimes forgets that I have a store to run, cookie cutters to order, bills to pay... Just because Virginia has to stay up half the night cranking out all those words doesn't mean I should go without sleep! I need to be up early to stock the shelves before The Gingerbread House opens. Yet every time there's a murder in Chatterley Heights, day or night, my author makes sure I get involved. Way too involved.

Take last fall, for example. Chatterley Heights turned two hundred and fifty years old and decided to throw itself a big party. Along with my best friend and business partner, Maddie, I baked zillions of decorated cookies for the weekend event, and that was in addition to the gingerbread houses we created. Okay, we had lots of help, but still... My author also made me join the planning committee for the weekend event. I hate committees. As if that weren't enough, my author decided to liven up the festivities by staging a sensational murder. You must have read about it; it was in all the Baltimore and DC papers.

Okay, it's true that Maddie and I helped solve the murder in our own unique and dramatic way. We also made quite a mess in the process, although I must say, in our defense, that it was a delicious mess. Check out the account in The Weekly Chatter, and you'll see what I mean.

My relationship with Sheriff Del Jenkins is proceeding slowly. Del and I aren't sure we want it to go faster, given we're both divorced. On the other hand, we don't have much choice, do we? My author insists it's for our own good. Maybe when the murder rate in Chatterley Heights shrinks to one every half century... Yeah, that'll happen. There will be murders in my town until my author drops dead on her computer keyboard.

You see my problem. My author has given me a delicious profession, quirky yet lovable family members, a fun and funny best friend, a great guy, and even a sweet little rescue Yorkie named Spunky. On the other side of the ledger, she complicates my life with regular doses of murder and mayhem, usually right when I need some rest!

Authors... Can't live with 'em; wouldn't exist without 'em.

Olivia Greyson

When the Cookie Crumbles, the third mystery in Virginia Lowell's Cookie Cutter Shop series, published by Berkley Prime Crime, should sneak onto bookstore shelves by August 7, 2012. Virginia is busy writing the fourth book in the series and hoping for a title inspiration soon.


© Virginia Lowell.