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Cozy Wednesday with Virginia Lowell

Read an interview with Virginia Lowell at RT Book Reviews! Here's an excerpt:

What were the easiest things about writing Cookie Dough or Die and what were the most challenging aspects of the story?

The easiest part was, of course, the cookies and cookie cutters. I loved writing scenes where I could sink into my senses and enjoy the tastes, the smells, the visual beauty of decorated cookies. It was great fun to research cookie cutters and imagine ways to use them in the mystery. The most challenging aspects...? I'd have to say, the suspect list—weaving together the characters and lives of potential murderers so that each might seem to have a convincing motive for killing an otherwise admirable victim.

We have to ask, is there such a thing as antique cookie cutters—and are they in high demand?

Yes, indeed, there are such things as antique cookie cutters, often called vintage cutters. You'll find them in antique stores, on eBay... Check out the National Cookie Cutter Collectors Club to dig into the fascinating history of cookie cutters. Possibly I'm biased, but I believe the interest in vintage cookie cutters is growing.


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