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Welcome to The Gingerbread House, a Victorian home converted to a shop filled with cookie cutters, baking equipment, and, of course, every imaginable color of sparkling sugar. Did I mention the aroma drifting from the store's kitchen? It might be lemon, perhaps ginger, but you can be certain it means decorated cookies are on the way. If this is your first visit, let me introduce you to the owner of the Gingerbread House, Olivia ("everyone calls me Livie") Greyson and her best friend since age ten, Maddie Briggs. Livie's little rescue Yorkshire Terrier, Spunky, guards the sales floor with all the ferocious dedication in his five-pound body, while Livie and Maddie run the business, bake, and decorate cookies. Their lives are busy and fun... until murder stops by for a visit. Again.

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Things are heating up for Olivia Greyson, her best friend, Maddie, and the rest of the crew at The Gingerbread House—until a cold case puts their plans on ice...

Olivia's mom, Ellie, is always cooking up new schemes, but her latest idea has Livie and Maddie especially excited. Ellie's converting an old boarding house into an arts and crafts school—one that, of course, houses a kitchen for those interested in baking. But right as renovations start, the workers discover a pile of bones buried within the boarding house's walls, evidence of a long-forgotten crime.

A silver necklace with a cookie cutter charm is found within the remains, convincing one of the workers that the bones are the remains of her father, who's been missing for over five years. Of course, Livie and Maddie can't resist the allure of investigating. But they're about to discover that digging up the secrets of the past can be deadly dangerous...

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"Olivia and Maddie's friendship is one to envy... Just like eating cookies, when you reach the end, you’re left wanting just a bit more."
Kings River Life on Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies

"Five stars! A thoroughly enjoyable cozy, with fun characters and a well written mystery with different layers of intrigue... Virginia Lowell's writing is delightful. I could almost smell the cookies baking."
Open Book Society on Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies

"Olivia and Maddie are just adorable together... there really is something magical about the way the characters interacted."
My Empty Nest on Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies

"Virginia Lowell's Cookie Cutter Shop mystery series is one of those cozies that instantly makes you feel like you're catching up with old friends the moment you start reading. Grab some coffee and cookies and settle in with a charming mystery that will have you guessing until the very end!"
Mochas, Mysteries and Meows on Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies

"Cookie cutters and murder. Author Virginia Lowell brilliantly brings them both together and I loved how it instantly drew me into the story. I love Livie and Maddie and their investigating and cookie baking adventures inside The Gingerbread House bakery."
A Cozy Girl Reads on Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies


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